UPDATE: Audubon Police Officer Charged in Haddon Twp. Shooting Incident Retires on Medical Pension, Charges Dismissed


In September 2015, Officer Thomas Gorman was arrested for allegedly attempting to disarm a uniformed Audubon police officer in the home he shares with his wife, Candice, who is also an Audubon officer.

By Matt Skoufalos | September 28, 2015

UPDATE: June 25, 2020 — Thomas Gorman retired from law enforcement September 1, 2016, and the former officer was approved for a medical pension November 14, 2017. Charges stemming from this incident were formally dismissed by the New Jersey Supreme Court January 2, 2020, and Gorman has indicated he will pursue a private-sector career.


An Audubon police officer who drew a multi-town police response to his home for a report of a gunshot last week was arrested for allegedly attempting to take control of a fellow officer’s weapon.

According to a complaint filed in Haddon Township, Gorman, 37, allegedly “knowingly attempt[ed]to take or exercise unlawful control of a firearm…in the possession of a law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his duties.”

“Specifically,” the complaint notes, Gorman allegedly attempted to disarm a fellow member of the Audubon Police Department (name redacted), “who was on duty and in uniform” at the time. The charges are a second-degree offense, and Gorman was arrested on $50,000 cash-or-bond bail.

Gorman shares the Utica Avenue home with his wife, Candice, who is also a member of the Audubon Police Department. Her name is not mentioned in the report; neither was there any information available as to whether Gorman is in the custody of law enforcement or has been released.

A condition of his release, as noted by the arrest record, is that Gorman have “no phone, mail, or other personal contact with the victim.”

The incident occurred September 24, 2015, when neighbors reported hearing a gunshot and then saw Gorman allegedly removed from the home by authorities, on a stretcher.

Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO) spokesman Andy McNeil confirmed last week that no one was injured in the incident. An investigation into the shooting was announced Friday, and Gorman is to have his first court appearance October 1.

McNeil declined further comment on the events of the case on Monday.

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