Twins Charged in Collingswood Sexual Assault Case


Twenty-three-year-old Dylin D. Nickens is alleged to have switched places with his identical twin brother, Devin, in the middle of a sex act, without the knowledge or consent of the victim.

By Matt Skoufalos | December 8, 2016

Two Camden City men are facing second-degree sexual assault charges after allegedly conspiring to switch places during a sex act and then burgling the victim’s purse.

On September 20, Dylin D. Nickens, 23, was allegedly engaging in oral sex with a woman at her Collingswood home.

At some point, he allegedly allowed his identical twin brother, Devin D. Nickens, to take his place without the woman’s knowledge or consent, according to the criminal complaint.

While Devin Nickens allegedly engaged in oral sex with the victim, Dylin Nickens is accused of having taken the opportunity to have unlocked her car and retrieved her purse. She allegedly discovered Dylin Nickens inside her car, going through her purse, when she confronted him.

Both men were arrested and charged with second-degree sexual assault; Dylin Nickens was additionally charged with accomplice liability. Both are being lodged in the Camden County jail, and if convicted, each could face as many as 10 years in prison.

Devin Nickens’ prior criminal history includes convictions for assault, burglary, and the possession of controlled, dangerous substances (CDS).

The alleged rape is the first reported in Collingswood this year, according to the New Jersey State Police Uniform Crime Reporting Index. The borough has gone without a reported rape in only two of the last 26 years—1993 and  2002—and has averaged nearly three cases per year in that time.

All persons accused of a crime are considered innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. An arrest is not a conviction.

CORRECTION: Earlier reports identified that Dylin Nickens and Devin Nickens are Collingswood residents, however, their last known addresses are in Camden City. The alleged crime did occur in Collingswood.

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