Gloucester City Man Arrested for Shredding Camden Athletic Field


Alexander Peters, 28, was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly destroying the athletic fields at Malandra Hall in Fairview, Camden. 

By Matt Skoufalos | October 18, 2016

A Gloucester City man who allegedly destroyed a youth football field in the Fairview section of Camden was arrested Friday on charges of criminal mischief.

Camden County Police said 28-year-old Alexander Peters was identified from video surveillance of a truck that was recorded driving across Union Field behind the Malandra Hall community center October 9.

Peters is also alleged to have spray-painted a swastika on the field house building in the incident.

Peters admitted to his role in the vandalism Monday, according to Camden County Police. Just three days earlier, he had been sentenced to a three-year prison term for an aggravated assault charge on an unrelated matter.

Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen said the Camden City Department of Public Works has been working “day and night” to remediate the field, re-sodding and re-seeding the area. In the meantime, the Camden Raiders youth football program, which called Union Field home, has been practicing on another part of the grounds, Keashen said.

“The city DPW has really put a yeomanlike effort into making sure that that field is going to be back to normal, and probably better than prior to the vandalism,” he said.

In a statement, Camden City Mayor Dana Redd thanked the police department and residents who helped provide the tips that led to Peters’ arrest.

“This selfish and hateful act should never be tolerated,” Redd said. “Thanks to the dedicated work of our DPW, the field will soon be ready for our children to practice and play their games.”

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