Haddonfield Man Charged with Unlawful Entry, Disorderly Conduct in U.S. Capitol Riot


Self-described sex and relationship expert Patrick Stedman, 32, faces a decade in prison if convicted on federal charges. Stedman has extensively recounted his experiences during the January 6 riot on Twitter.

By Matt Skoufalos | January 21, 2021

Patrick Stedman tweet from January 6, 2021. Credit: Twitter.com

A Haddonfield man who proclaimed his participation in the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol to his social media followers has been arrested by authorities and charged with federal crimes.

Patrick Stedman, 32, faces charges of Unlawful Entry of a Restricted Building and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds, conviction of which is penalized by as many as 10 years in federal prison.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed with U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather on January 20, Stedman was arrested on the strength of tips provided to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) linking investigators to Tweets in which Stedman describes his alleged participation in the riots.

At 12:12 p.m. on January 6, 2021, Stedman tweeted: “This is the Second American Revolution. I love you all for being here with me. NOW WE FIGHT!”

At 6:04 p.m. on January 6, 2021, Stedman tweeted a video in which he describes his participation in the riots:

“I left Trump’s speech, I was in the third row of the non-VIP section… So I was walking towards Stop the Steal, behind the Capitol building. Basically people were starting to climb up the rafters and starting to move into the Capitol building… There was this cry that went up, ‘We’re going to the Capitol…’

“We get towards the Capitol, and we see people start to move. The energy was really crazy… We’re climbing up and people are waving flags and stuff, and the energy was really electric, I have to say. We wanted to go in. I’m not going to deny that, we wanted to go in. But here’s the thing: no cops were stopping us…

“So we go up, we get to the top, and I see that the door has been broken into. There’s a little bit of glass on the floor, leading into the Capitol. And right next to that door there were about five cops in riot gear… I have videos throughout this entire thing. I videotaped it as we were going through it. And they let us in…

“I want people to understand this. The cops for the most part were not doing anything. They led us right into the Speaker’s chamber. I was pretty much in the first wave, and we broke down the doors and climbed up the back part of the Capitol building and got all the way into the chambers.”

At 7:57 p.m. on January 6, 2021, Stedman tweeted a video alleging that he saw a “backwards hat (Antifa) right where they were breaking into the main area of Congress,” accompanied by what appears to be a video shot from his phone inside the Capitol.

Screenshot of a video Tweeted by Patrick Stedman, allegedly from the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot. Credit: Twitter.com.

Stedman stands accused of violating U.S. Code 1752(a), and 5104(e)(2), statutes governing the behavior of visitors to restricted buildings or grounds and unlawful activities on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, including “obstruct[ing], or imped[ing]  passage through or within, the Grounds or any of the Capitol Buildings” and “parad[ing], demonstrat[ing], or picket[ing]  in any of the Capitol Buildings.”

Stedman, who operates his relationship consultancy as The Dynamic Man LLC, takes his sexual psychology cues from Neil Strauss’ The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pick-up Artists.

His social media presence involves a lengthy Periscope video series entitled COVID/CABAL, in which Stedman amplifies numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, magical thinking about the infiltration of political parties by deep-state government operatives, and a devotion to former U.S. President Donald Trump.

“I don’t really like being in this position,” he said in the January 6 video blog cited by law enforcement. “I would much rather just be a dating and relationship coach. But when you see what’s going on, you have to deal with it; you have to address it…

“The point I’m trying to make is that you’ve been psy-oped, you’ve been psy-oped, and you’ve now stopped thinking about anything else that’s important to this country except getting rid of Trump,” Stedman said.

“I have history on my side and you’re going to feel very, very bad about doing this later on.”

All persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. An arrest is not a conviction.

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