Merchantville’s The Juice Bar Relocates to Haddon Township


Seth Amoah and Kelly Mouzon will bring their cold-pressed juice business into the former Espressit storefront at 18 Haddon Avenue this February.

By Matt Skoufalos | January 27, 2022

Seth Amoah and Kelly Mouzon say they’re excited to bring The Juice Bar to Haddon Township. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.

After five years in their Merchantville storefront, Seth Amoah and Kelly Mouzon are bringing their cold-pressed juice business, The Juice Bar, to Westmont.

The couple will relocate from 22 South Center Street to the former Espressit coffee shop at 18 Haddon Avenue, with a planned early-to-mid February opening.

For Amoah and Mouzon, the shift is an opportunity to carry their devoted following into a high-visibility location, and to grow the business for a new crowd.

“We originally started out with smoothies and juices, trying to bring a healthy alternative to the area,” Mouzon said. “From there, we began to learn about cold-pressed juicing, which preserves all the nutrients of the juice, has a better shelf life, and more health benefits.”

“We want to really focus on giving our customers the product that’s going to make them feel better, look better, be better,” Amoah said. “We feel like we can truly capture that [by focusing] on our cold-pressed juicing.”

At launch, The Juice Bar kitchen served a full menu of options, but began to pare back its offerings last July amid labor shortages and steadily rising ingredient costs.

Ironically, however, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic also brought in a committed audience of customers seeking the health benefits of cold-pressed juices.

The Juice Bar cold-pressed juices. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.

“[For] the amount of people who come in when they’re not feeling well, or want to clear some mental fog, or shed a few pounds, boost their immune system, this is a way to get your nutrients in you, and it tastes great,” Mouzon said.

“The product is 100 percent natural,” Amoah said; “no preservatives, no additives.

“We’re just talking about fruit and vegetables.”

Among its most popular recipes are the Green Supreme (kale, cucumber, apples, spirulina, and lime), Flu Shot Juice (pineapple, ginger, turmeric, apple, orange, and spirulina), and Wake Up (carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon).

The Juice Bar also serves sea moss gel, ginger shots, and single- or multi-day juice cleanse packages.

While serving Haddon Township, The Juice Bar also will remain available to its Merchantville and Pennsauken customers via its juice delivery program: the couple will fulfill web-based orders to customers within a seven-mile radius of both locations.

“Order through the website, choose ‘options,’ and we’ll pull right up,” Amoah said.

‘We’re extremely excited’

Even before contemplating a move, Mouzon and Amoah had enjoyed a relationship with Espressit owner Stacey Douglas as wholesale customers of her baked goods. They credit Douglas with the idea of coming to Haddon Township.

“She spoke to us and said, ‘I think you guys would do really well in Westmont,’” Mouzon said. “As time went on, we had a relationship with her.

“We’re thankful for Merchantville and the ability to create our brand, and we’re excited as well to move,” she said.

“I’m excited for them,” Douglas said. “They’ve held their own for the last five years where they are, and that’s not been an easy location given the construction. I think their product is good.

“They’re stepping into a place that has a really good legacy of community gatherings and support and feeling,” she said. “To keep that going, it’s an opportunity to be playful with the space.”

The former Espressit Coffee House in Westmont. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.

For Amoah and Mouzon, the chance to take their business to a high-visibility location holds a lot of promise.

“We’re extremely excited,” Amoah said.

“[We] used to drive up Haddon Avenue from Haddonfield up to Camden.

“We would always look at it like it would be great to have our business here,” he said.

“We always just admired the beauty, the busy-ness, the town spirit,” Mouzon said.

“We’ve been here five years, and want to see what else is out there.”

The Juice Bar is coming to 18 Haddon Avenue in Haddon Township this February. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. For more information, call 856-324-0436, or visit

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