NJ Pen Weekly Recap: Collingswood Crime Spree, Haddon Twp. 2020 Look-Ahead


Plus: Westmont firefighters battle a duplex fire, a Cinnaminson woman is struck by a Haddonfield fire truck, a Cherry Hill teen suffers a head injury after a TikTok prank, a Collingswood man is arrested for child pornography, a Scranton man is charged in an Oaklyn bank robbery, and a Czech couple opens up a new food business in the SoHa Arts Building in Haddon Township.

While Victims Recover, Police Reports Trace a Collingswood Crime Spree

2020 Vision: Haddon Township in the Year Ahead

Westmont Fire Co. Battles Duplex Fire Thursday Night

Pedestrian Struck by Haddonfield Fire Truck Suffered ‘Serious Injuries’

Cherry Hill Middle-Schooler Suffered Seizure, Concussion After Classmates Ambushed Him with Tiktok ‘Challenge’

Collingswood Man Charged with Possession, Distribution of Child Pornography

Pennsylvania Man Charged in Oaklyn, Cherry Hill Bank Robberies

UPDATE: Missing Person Christina Palumbo Located Unharmed

Four Green Cats Offers a Taste of Czech Cooking in the SoHa Arts Building

Cherry Hill Police Seeking Dunkin Donuts Robbery Suspect

Collingswood Cinema Society February Feature: ‘Pi’


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