Police Seek Info in Hit-and-Run on Camden County Cops


A pair of Camden County detectives was injured after a suspect allegedly ran into them with an ATV at a Camden City gas station.

By Matt Skoufalos | August 8, 2017

Person of interest in a reported hit-and-run on Camden City Police. Credit: Camden City Police Department.

Camden County Police are looking for a man they want to charge with attempted murder on two police officers after a hit-and-run incident Saturday night.

CCPD Detective Kenneth Eagan and Officer Nicole Berry were investigating a burglary call after 11 p.m. August 5, when they observed “suspicious behavior” at an East Coast gas station in the area of Broadway and Mount Vernon Streets in Camden City, said Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen.

“They saw five total persons of interest and they went over to see what was going on,” Keashen said.

Keashen said the officers identified themselves to the suspect, who was riding a black, square-bodied ATV, at which point the man allegedly drove forward, striking the door of their police cruiser and knocking it into Berry. Egan allegedly was hit directly by the driver when he ran around the rear of the car to confront the suspect.


Both officers were hospitalized and released after the incident. Egan sustained a concussion, bruised ribs, and facial lacerations, while Berry sustained minor scratches and facial lacerations, Keashen said. The investigation is active, and authorities “need all the help we can get from the public,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Camden County Police Department tip line at (856-757-7042).

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