When you want to learn about what’s happening in your neighborhood, you need more than second- or third-hand accounts. You need a trusted source of information.

Local news doesn’t confine itself to municipal boundaries, meeting agendas, and press releases, but as cutbacks at larger newspapers take their toll, that’s mostly all that readers are left with.

When entire media groups are sold for less than the season payrolls of some pro sports teams, there are fewer people with the dedication and professional training to deliver a faithful, meaningful account of public affairs.

Without a current, responsive forum for the news of the day, people aren’t as informed as they could be about their communities. Relying exclusively on social media only spreads rumor and gossip, when what readers need is accuracy and context.

Welcome to the latest online co20131015-IMG_4477mmunity newspaper.

We believe the residents of suburban Camden County need a watchful eye on the institutions that spend their tax dollars, educate their children, and drive their local economies.

We believe in a community that’s not defined by zip codes, but by people.20130525-IMG_9962

We believe that your neighborhood is bigger than you think, that your neighbors are closer than you’d expect, and that there’s more happening around here than what the bigger news outlets have the time to report.

By providing clarity and perspective on the issues that affect your family and your hometown, we are striving to create a new form of neighborhood news that is personable, responsive, thoughtful, and accountable to its readers.

Help us create a vehicle for that information—and see what happens when you know the full story.