Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake Felt Across New Jersey


The U.S. Geological Survey logged its origins in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, at a depth of nearly 5 kilometers.

By Matt Skoufalos | April 5, 2024

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports a magnitude 4.8 earthquake was widely felt across New Jersey and parts of the Northeast ranging from Hartford, Connecticut to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday morning.

The earthquake originated at a depth of 4.7 kilometers, was verified by 31 seismic monitoring stations, and confirmed by subsequent study, according to the USGS.

Its point of origin is listed at 7 km north-northeast of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, near Lebanon, in an area of Hunterdon County that geophysicist John Bellini described as “a very rural part of the state.”

“A magnitude 4.8 is considered a moderate earthquake, and it’s capable of causing some minor damage, particularly to older buildings, near the epicenter,” Bellini said.

Those closest to the origins of the quake could observe damage to older structures, including brick building facades and brick chimneys, he said; it will be better weathered by wooden-frame, modern infrastructure.

All earthquakes occur along fault lines, which occur naturally throughout the country, Bellini said; New Jersey faults generally follow the southwest-northeast trend of the Appalachian Mountains.

Although there’s not believed to be any imminent public danger in Camden County from the seismic event, earthquake preparation is comparable to preparing for any other natural disaster, like a hurricane or a large snowstorm, Bellini said.

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