Camden County: Two More COVID-19-Related Deaths, 530 in Total, as Infections Hit 8,523


The latest fatalities include a Pennsauken woman in her 90s and a man of unknown residence in his 60s. 

By Matt Skoufalos | July 24, 2020

NJDOH COVID-19 Dashboard – 7-24-20. Credit: NJ Pen.

Two more Camden County residents have died from complications related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and 152 others have been infected with the virus this week, according to data from the Camden County government.

That brings the local death toll to 530 residents lost to the pandemic and 8,523 others sickened by the virus.

Throughout New Jersey, 178,345 people have been sickened by COVID-19, and 13,845 have perished from causes related to the virus; another 1,920 deaths have been deemed to be probably COVID-19-related as well.

The most recently deceased are a Pennsauken woman in her 90s and a man in his 60s of unknown residence.

“More than four months into this pandemic, we are still losing innocent lives to this virus,” Camden County Freeholder-Director Lou Cappelli said in a statement.

“As we continue to reopen our economy and consider next steps in this process, we cannot lose sight of just how deadly coronavirus is, especially to members of vulnerable populations,” Cappelli said.

“We are asking everyone to do their part to protect our seniors and individuals with underlying conditions,” he said. “Wear a mask, social-distance, and stay home if you are sick.”

LTC cases and deaths

Long-term care (LTC) facilities account for almost half of all deaths in the state and one-fifth of those infected, and new cases are still being discovered there.

Of 8,523 reported local COVID-19 cases, 1,838 (22 percent) have originated in a Camden County LTC facility: 1,335 are residents and 503 are staff.

LTCs are believed to be associated with 58 percent, or 311 of the 528 total deaths in Camden County; 308 were residents and three were staff.

More than half the 56 LTCs in Camden County (30) have experienced at least one case of COVID-19.

New cases

According to the New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard, on July 20, Camden County was tied with Essex County for second in the state in new COVID-19 cases, with 16.

“Our [daily COVID-19]  growth rate is down to about 0.5 percent, and that’s remarkable,” Cappelli said in a briefing Tuesday.

“We hope that we can gradually and safely begin reopening sectors of the economy that have not opened,” he said. “Our hospitals are all in good shape.”

The newest local cases this week (152) are:

  • two Audubon teenaged girls and three women, one each in her 20s, 30s, and 50s
  • a Barrington person in their 50s, gender unknown
  • a Bellmawr man in his 20s
  • a Berlin Borough woman in her 30s
  • a Berlin Township man in his 20s
  • 10 Camden City women, three in their 20s, two each in their 60s and 70s, and one each in her 30s, 50s, and 90s; and seven men, two each in their 20s, 40s, and 50s, and one in his 30s
  • 10 Cherry Hill teenaged boys, and seven men, four in their 30s, two in their 20s, and one in his 40s; and eight women, four in their 20s, three in their 30s, one in her 50s, three teenaged girls, and a young girl
  • a Clementon man in his 20s
  • a Collingswood woman in her 40s, and man in his 60s
  • a Gloucester City teenaged boy, and man in his 30s; and two women, one each in her 30s and 50s
  • 10 Gloucester Township men, three in their 40s, two each in their 20s and 80s, one each in his 30s, 50s, and 70s, and a teenaged boy; and eight women, three in their 20s, one each in her 30s, 40s, 50s, 70s, and 80s, and a young girl
  • two Haddon Heights teenaged girls, and two men in their 20s
  • a Haddon Township woman in her 50s
  • two Haddonfield teenaged girls, and two women, one each in her 30s and 40s; a teenaged boy, and two men, one each in his 20s and 50s
  • a Laurel Springs woman in her 20s
  • three Lawnside women, two in their 30s and one in her 50s
  • a young girl from Lindenwold, and two women, one each in her 20s and 30s; and two men, one each in his 20s and 50s
  • a Merchantville woman in her 20s
  • a Mount Ephraim teenaged girl, and two women, one each in her 20s and 70s
  • eight Pennsauken women, four in their 40s, three in their 20s, one in her 30s, two teenaged girls and a young girl; and six men, two in their 40s, one each in his 20s, 30s, 50s, and 60s, and a teenaged boy
  • a Pine Hill man in his 30s
  • a Somerdale teenaged boy and man in his 30s; and a woman in her 20s
  • a Stratford man in his 30s, and woman in her 80s
  • four Voorhees women, one each in her 20s, 30s, 40s, and 60s; and four men, two in their 60s and one each in his 20s and 40s
  • a Waterford man in his 60s
  • six Winslow women, three in their 50s, two in their 20s, and one in her 40s; and five men, three in their 40s, and one each in his 30s and 60s
  • a Woodlynne woman in her 30s


The Camden County and New Jersey Health Departments are working to facilitate trace investigations into all cases.

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