NJ Election Results 2018: Dems Roll Camden County, Ballot Question Passes


Your handy breakdown of the state, county, local, and school board races for Election Day 2018.

By Matt Skoufalos | November 5, 2018

Camden County voters reflected larger statewide trends at the polls, sending Democratic candidates into office at every level of government, from local to federal.

For a midterm election, the numbers were higher than expected, election officials reported, citing high turnout at the polls and a strong rate of return for mail-in ballots. (See our coverage here.)

The lone ballot question on school improvement bonds passed by a narrow margin as well (1.05 million to 963,718).

All results are unofficial until certified by the Board of Elections. Given the high number of mail-in ballots, final tallies may not be known in some races until the end of the week.

U.S. Senate Race

After a closely contested campaign, New Jersey’s incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Menendez defeated Republican Bob Hugin. Menendez nearly doubled up Hugin in Camden County, landing 85,384 votes to Hugin’s 47,146, according to unofficial results.

U.S. Congressional Race

In the race for New Jersey’s First U.S. Congressional District, it was a runaway victory for incumbent Camden County Democrat Donald Norcross, who claimed more than 60 percent of the vote over Republican Paul E. Dilks of Washington Township.

In Camden County, Norcross took nearly 70 percent of the polls (90,014 votes) to Dilks’ 30 percent (39,703 votes).

Camden County Freeholder Race

From left: Camden County Freeholders Jeff Nash, Susan Shin Angulo, and Bill Moen. Credit: NJPEN.

Camden County voters returned all three incumbent Democrats to the county freeholder board.

Jeffrey Nash (87,942 votes), Susan Shin Angulo (87,146 votes), and William Moen (84,064 votes) pulled in more than twice the number of ballots than did their Republican challengers.

Claire Gustafson netted 41,037 votes, Keith Cybulski got 40,341 votes, and Vincent Squire landed 39,972 votes.


Camden County Sheriff Race

Incumbent Democrat Whip Wilson (91,837 votes) dominated his Republican opponent, challenger Joseph Adolf (40,419 votes).

Local Municipal Races

In Audubon Park, incumbent Republican Mayor Larry Pennock (281 votes) held off Democratic challenger Lisa Capilli (116 votes) to retain his office.

Haddon Heights Democrats Scott Schreiber (1,625 votes) and Christopher Morgan (1,586 votes) claimed the two open seats on the borough council, defeating Republicans Matt McDermott (1,190 votes) and Jennifer Moore (1,165 votes) with 5,566 votes cast.

In Pennsauken, Democrats Jessica Rafeh (6,985 votes) and Marco Di Battista (6,925 votes) took the two available seats on the municipal body, defeating Republicans Sabrina Winkler (2,027 votes) and Lisa Eckel (1,993) with 17,944 votes cast.

Absent challengers on the Republican ticket, Merchantville’s incumbent Democratic Mayor Ted Brennan pulled in (911 votes) to retain his office. Maria Nina Scarpa (888 votes), Daniel Sperrazza (862 votes), and Sean Fitzgerald (908 votes) all will join the borough government; they faced no balloted challengers.

Democratic Oaklyn council members Greg Brandley (1,057 votes) and Chris Walters (1,058 votes) were returned to the local government absent any balloted challengers, as was Sarah McCleery-Cairns (1,006 votes), who defended her unexpired seat on the borough council.

School Board Races


Incumbent Audubon Board of Education vice-president Allison Cox (1,941 votes) and board member Jim Blumenstein (1,634 votes) retained their seats on the governing body, absent any balloted challengers.

Cherry Hill

(from left) Laurie Neary, David Rossi, Sally Tong. Credit: Neary, Rossi, Tong.

The Cherry Hill Board of Education will welcome three new board members, who emerged from a crowded field to claim three open seats.

Challengers Sally Tong (5,994 votes), David Rossi (5,333 votes), and Laurie Neary (4,895 votes) outpaced the pack.

The trio beat out incumbents Kathryn Bay Judge (4,059 votes), Ken Tomlinson, Jr. (3,440 votes), and J. Barry Dickinson (3,121 votes).

They also pulled ahead of fellow challengers Rosy Arroyo (3,473 votes), Sanjay Sharma (3,261 votes), Benjamin J. Shore (3,208 votes), Fredrick Dande (2,323 votes), and Brunia Pilet (1,901 votes).


Christine Celia, Regan Kaiden, and Mary Saverino won seats on the 2019 Collingswood Board of Education. Credit: NJPEN.

The Collingswood Public Schools Board of Education race ended with challengers Christine Celia (2,634 votes) and Mary Saverino (2,461 votes) joining incumbent Regan Kaiden (2,336 votes) on the board.

Challengers Bill Johnson (1,802 votes) and Danie Moss-Velasco (1,393 votes) missed the cut.

Haddon Township

Haddon Township BOE 2018 Candidates. Credit: NJPEN.

Incumbent Haddon Township Board of Education members Allison Rodman (3,321 votes) and James Lex (3,040 votes) retained their seats absent any challengers on the ballot.

Another 1,444 write-in votes were cast for the third open seat on the body; the results of those votes are not yet known.



From left: Justin Benford, Susan Kutner, Adam Sangillo. Credit: NJPEN.

The Haddonfield Board of Education returned two incumbents to office on Tuesday, Adam Sangillo (2,142 votes) and Susan Kutner (2,088 votes)

They’ll be joined on the body by challenger Roosevelt “Justin” Benford (1,984 votes).

The odd man out was Satwik Seshasai (1,664 votes).



Haddon Heights

Haddon Heights Board of Education candidates – 2018. Credit: NJPEN.

After a hotly contested race for Haddon Heights School Board, challengers Melissa Shannon (1,245 votes) and David Clapper (1,106 votes) were elected to the body alongside incumbent member Trish Sheilds (1,152).

Challenger David Roeber (916 votes), incumbent president Kimberly Stuart (903 votes), and incumbent board member Tina Gentile (833 votes) fell short of the mark.



Incumbent Merchantville Board of Education president Eliot Honigfeld (613 votes) and incumbent board member Marc Carcanague (562 votes)won re-election in an uncontested race.

Another 184 write-in votes were cast for the third open seat on the body; the results of those votes are not yet known.


Incumbent Oaklyn Board of Education members Denise Buczko (782 votes), Matthew Hale (779 votes), and Therese Marmion (777 votes) were re-elected to the governing body absent any balloted challengers for their seats.


There were no contested seats on the Pennsauken Board of Education this year.

Incumbents Michael Hurley (5,263 votes) and Diane E. Johnson (5,015 votes), challengers Samer John Jarbouh-Rafeh (4,534 votes), and Scott La Vine (4,475 votes) all will serve on the body.

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