Camden Man Sentenced to 58 Years in Audubon ‘Good Samaritan’ Killing


Twenty-seven-year-old Brandon Mosby will serve an aggregate sentence of 58 years for the 2014 killing of John Carey. Carey was killed trying to stop Mosby from beating his girlfriend.

By Matt Skoufalos | February 3, 2018

A 27-year-old Camden man will serve at least 46-and-a-half years in state prison for the March 2014 killing of an Audubon man who interceded in a domestic assault.

Brandon Mosby was sentenced to an aggregate of 58 years in New Jersey state prison for the murder of 48-year-old John Carey in an Audubon boarding house.

According to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO), Mosby was abusing his ex-girlfriend, and the altercation spilled into the common area of the building, where Carey was seated on the couch.

“Carey intervened, and tried to protect the woman and her toddler, when Mosby again started to physically assault her,” the CCPO said in a statement. Mosby then shot Carey once in the chest and fled. Carey was pronounced dead at the scene.

At sentencing, Carey’s family told the court that he “was a good Samaritan who lost his life while helping others,” the CCPO said.

After an October 2017 jury trial, Mosby was convicted of first-degree murder, second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon. He must serve 46-and-a-half years before he is parole-eligible.

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