NJ DOT to Host Public Info Session 11/19 on Route 70, 38 Repaving


Residents can visit the Carman Tilelli Community Center from 5 to 8 p.m. to offer comment on a major roadway project for Routes 70 and 38.

By Matt Skoufalos

NJ DOT Seal. Credit: NJDOT.

NJ DOT Seal. Credit: NJDOT.

As the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) preps for a major repaving of state highways running through three townships and two counties, the agency will host a public comment session November 19 in Cherry Hill.

Final design of the project, which covers the repaving of Routes 70 and 38 to Cropwell Road in Cherry Hill, Evesham, and Pennsauken Townships, could begin in early 2016 with construction anticipated in Spring 2019, according to a statement from NJDOT.

“The purpose of the project is to improve the condition of the deteriorated pavement along Route 70 between Route 38 and Cropwell Road, Cuthbert Boulevard, and all NJDOT Jurisdictional Jughandles, as well as [to]address various geometric deficiencies,” NJDOT said in a statement.

According to NJDOT, the project will include:

  • Pavement resurfacing and reconstruction along the majority of Route 70.
  • Full replacement of the Cropwell’s Brook culvert.
  • Full replacement of culverts at MP 0.35 (McClellan Avenue) and MP 7.37 (Conestoga Drive).
  • Replacement of deteriorated sections of curb and substandard guiderail.
  • Traffic signal upgrades including installation of image detection and crosswalks.
  • Pedestrian upgrades including ADA-compatible curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, pedestrian countdown signal heads, and pedestrian pushbuttons.
  • Installation of new sidewalk and replacement of deteriorated sidewalk.
  • Drainage improvements at several locations along Route 70.
  • Construction of stormwater management basins/water quality treatment facilities.

Residents who wish to learn more about the project or offer comment may meet with NJDOT officials from 5 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the Carman Tilelli Community Center (820 Mercer Street, Cherry Hill). Guests will be welcome to examine design plans, ask questions, and discuss issues with representatives from NJDOT.

Can’t make the meeting? Comments may be directed to Kimberley Nance in the NJDOT Office of Community Relations at 609-530-2110 or Kimberly.Nance@dot.nj.gov.

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