NJ Pen Weekly Recap: Cherry Hill Student Protests, Collingswood Gunpoint Robbery


Plus, Merchantville Public School is evacuated for a security threat, and a Collingswood man is charged with attempted child luring in an online sting.

Cherry Hill East Students Offer Accounts of Classes Before Teacher’s Removal

BREAKING: Cherry Hill Schools to Roll Out Armed Police, Stricter Access Policies

Student: Suspended Cherry Hill Teacher Told Class ‘I Have The Gun’


Cherry Hill Principal Retracts Punishment Threats; Mayor, Council Call for School Security Review

Threatened with Discipline, Fearful for Their Safety, Cherry Hill East Students Push Back After Teacher’s Suspension

Collingswood Police Seeking Leads in Bank of America Customer Stick-Up

UPDATE: Collingswood Man Arrested for Attempted Child Luring

Merchantville School Evacuated for Anonymous Threat


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